Shiv Sena against Bollywood Khans | Critisized them for supporting Pakistan


Shivsena Vs 2 Idiots

RECENTLY, The most important news that every news channel, newspaper and top magazines has tried to covered and focused very deeply that Bollywood superstar SHAHRUKH KHAN and Aamir Khan are under attack by SHIVSENA. He is a heart of our nation. How can he be blamed. This means a lot to whole industry as well as all the loveone’s of King khan. Superstar Shahrukh Khan aka SRK aka King Khan had to face the anger of the Shiv Sena and their loyalists because of his comments on the snub of the Pakistani players throughout the auction in the IPL. SHIVSENA on ‘Friday’ punch out at Shah Rukh, who is also co-owner of Kolkata knight Riders when he said, he would have selected a Pakistani player for IPL matches if his team had a slit. Shivsena Rajya Sabha MP, Sanjay Raut says that “The actor was so eager on them, that means he can go play his matches in Lahore, not in India“. The most unbelievable statement” that no one can imagine said by Shiv Sena leader, Eknath Shinde that “No film of Shah Rukh Khan would be screened in the district.SRK and Aamir Khan together

Shiv Sena has exposed that they will not let any Australian players to play in 3rd IPL match but former Australian Batsmen Matthew Hayden, who at present plays for Super Kings, is not at all concerned about their terrorization. Shahrukh had gone to say that he will take some players of the affronted team into his Knight Riders team. This has became a mark of going against Mumbaikars and Shiv Sena have come out with terminology signifying that if any of the players from the Pakistani’s team were incorporated in Shahrukh team then Shahrukh would have to be ready for terrible circumstances.

My Name Is Khan” posters were torn in Nasik and Thane. After pointing Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for his comments sustaining the addition of Pakistani cricketers in Kolkata Knight Riders, the Shiv Sena on ‘Saturday’ drag out Mr. perfectionist Aamir Khan, by calling the couple of “2 Idiots“. “In real life, Aamir and Shah Rukh have been proved as ‘2 Idiots’ as both are supporting the cause of Pakistani Cricketers, This statement was announced in the party’s Hindi version. On the one hand, while SRK is honestly displaying his love and best wishes on Pakistani players; MR. Perfectionist has mad statement that, According to him, “If any cricketer have good quality, he would resemble to have him in his team, no matter which country he belongs to, It makes no differences to him.” Aamir very honestly given a statement on Friday that if he had to pick Indian Premier League (IPL) players he would have selected players only on the basis of their presentation and not because of nationality.

Shahrukh Aamir KhanOn Sunday the 31st of January It was a very infuriated crowd that was gathered in front of Shahrukh’s house ‘Mannat’. They were the supporters of Shiv Sena who were protesting in opposition to SRK for his remarks. They threatened to stop the release of ‘My Name Is Khan’ because Shahrukh supported the players who were not called by any of the opening league team owners. A group of men and women were hoarded loudly in front of actor’s houses. “Shahrukh who owns the team of Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL, he made an interest in selecting some Pakistani Players in his team… This was only the fact that has come out with such a big war between them, which sparked of this problem

Shahrukh Khan responded to the threats on an exclusive interview saying, “Any kind of violance which is unwanted or unwarned is condemed us, but see we have to understand that this is the world is created by us… and in these changing times we have to control few things”. Here is the video of SRK’s reply to Shivsena warnings:


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