SRK screwed in US, But what’s the big deal


Bollywood mega-star Shah Rukh Khan (AKA SRK) was today interrogated by security personals at US airport. It is believed that his surname ‘Khan’ was the main reason he has to go through 2 hour long Q&A session with US airport security officers.

Like in any other major country Airport security has the highest priority in US and usually a slight hint of security threat result in long interrogation and proper check. After the 9/11 US airport staff takes every thing seriously, So there should not be any criticism for SRK’s incident.

Yes, SRK is worldwide know actor and well known to millions of people, but it is no excuse to the light security check, specially in a foreign county.

I specially feel bad when the honorary minister Ambika Soni commented that Indian should do the same to US citizens coming in India. This is in no way a responsible way to handle such incident. In India the politicians just want to get benefit from any incident without thinking what they are saying.

I am sure Shah Rukh Khan is in no way dangerous to US, yet like any other human being migrating to US he should have co-operated and not made it such a big issue. Anyway, best of luck for your future movies SRK Sir ji. 🙂


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